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In our blog, we’ll tell you:

  • how to make repair in home or office;
  • how to choose a materials;
  • what tools are needed for work.

We will try to make the blog as useful as possible.

How to seal the joints between sheets of drywall?

Drywall is a universal building material. It can be mounted quickly while the “wet” processes are practically absent. You can create any design and form using it. But there is one problem that should be solved. This is a seal of drywall construction joint. It’s an easy process if you know what to do and…
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Drywall thermal insulation: does it worth it?

Thermal insulation can protect the house from dampness, drafts and create a pleasant microclimate. It helps to protect the house from the adverse effects of the environment. One of the best ways to conserve heat is the thermal walls insulation from inside with drywall and some other materials you need to know. Drywall is a…
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Home Renovation: 9 useful tips for everyone

Any home renovation is similar to a business project that has a concept, plan, schedule, and budget. These tips will help you to reveal the nuances that are important for every renovation. Keep in reserve Set a little more than it necessary during making the estimate. It will save you from unpleasant financial surprises during…
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Fitted carpet or linoleum: what’s better?

There are a lot of debates between fans of fitted carpet and linoleum. Some opponents claim that PVC covering is the best because it has a long service life. Also, it is easy to clean and the color scheme is more interesting. Others say that the best flooring is fitted carpet. It absorbs dust, improves…
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The Best Materials and Colors for a Bathroom Ceiling

The ceiling type and right materials are very important in rooms with an aggressive environment. A bathroom is a place of frequent temperature changes and high humidity. That’s why the choice of materials is extremely important. The constant danger of condensate accumulation should be a fundamental factor while choosing the materials. It should be characterized…
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How to start the roughing renovation?

Often apartments are sold without renovation. This is a good opportunity to save some money and makes renovation on your own. Let’s find out how to start the roughing renovation. There’s no final roughing list because it depends on the developer’s contract terms. As a rule, you can count on such roughing stages: Poured floor…
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How to wean the cat from damage to the stretch ceiling?

Stretch ceiling — the construction is strong enough. The film can withstand a significant load. But sharp objects hurt it easier. And cat's claws are sharp. The problem is that cats are very fond of getting under the film and spoiling it. The good news is that minor damage is easily eliminated. But it is…
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Tips of the carpenter. Wood flooring

The wooden covering starts to be destroyed because of natural factors. To prolong the durability of wood and improve the quality of the coating, proper care and treatment of the wood flooring is necessary. If you want to leave a wooden floor without any covering (carpet, laminate, linoleum), then the final stage will be its…
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Tips from carpenter. Technology of installing wooden floor

Beautiful floor covering affects the perception of the house as a whole. From this depends on the comfort and appearance of the room. Natural, environmentally friendly materials are increasingly popular. Installing wooden floors by own hands possibly! But without the availability of relevant experience and tips of professionals it’s really hard. Laying the floor in…
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Tips from carpenter. Selection of wood for floors

We begin a series of articles on installing a wooden floor. The first step in laying a wooden covering is the choice of wood. For small rooms it is recommended to choose softwood: spruce, larch, pine, fir or cedar. The boards of these types of wood are characterized by low cost, special durability and wear…
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