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In our blog, we’ll tell you:

  • how to make repair in home or office;
  • how to choose a materials;
  • what tools are needed for work.

We will try to make the blog as useful as possible.

How to Replace a Broken Ceramic Tile

If ceramic tiles flooring is damaged, one unit or more, it is not necessary to begin overhaul. Replacing cracked tiles to the new ones is not complete process and it isn’t necessary to contact the specialist. Of course, providing the tile replacement process must be provided properly and carefully with max accuracy. (more…)
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Porcelain Tile Installation Tips and Tricks

The tile installation surface in the recesses is distributed so as the cut tiles of the same width must be in the middle of the surface or symmetrically on its edge. First, the adhesive solution is applied to a small part of the area, then smooth it up with the help of a notched trowel…
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Install Ceramic Floor Tile

Among existing tile flooring options the ceramic floor tiles confidently holds the leading position, thanks to its high practical and aesthetic features, as well as hygienic and environmental safety. Used in residential and public housing, the ceramics floor tile is able to maintain the original appearance and performance for a long time, without scrupulous attitude.…
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